now sitting’s going to kill me 2…..NO. …NO!…Idaho!

I almost sat in this chair this morning and wrote another post about how sitting shortens your lifestyle  lifespan.

(Hah….a short PS…I was just rereading that last line and realized that I’d written “lifestyle” instead of “lifespan”. Hah! Maybe that was some kind of freudian slip or something….staying still might shorten a “lifestyle”, too! Anyway…..I digress…)

I was having a hard time thinking of a subject for a blog post…so while I was trolling Youtube for some inspiration, I’d come across another video about the long term damage caused by sitting.

Sitting kills. I drive the mail around every day. I can’t avoid sitting.

I can’t avoid sitting and I’m going to die early because of it.


But I thought that seemed like a depressing revelation to start the day out with…so I went to the next “go to subject” in my own personal “blog world”….the only subject that never lets me down….


That is a lot more life affirming and solid a way to start the day than burrowing into the thought that something that I can’t avoid is slowly killing me.

So….how ’bout that Idaho?!

I’m here…right now.

I’m in the Carolinas.

Even better…I’m in Western North Carolina. It is beautiful here….peaceful and green, lots of water…easy living.

I love where I am. I love my life.

But….I have been blessed to learn that the world is a big place. I’ve never been out of the US before…we have our passports now, so that’s part of the plans for the future…but I’ve seen a fair amount of the 48 that I can drive to.

I’ve seen some of our country…and my feet are itching to see more of it.

I want to tumbleweed for a while.

I’ve heard again and again that we need to bloom where we’re planted.

I want to bloom where I’m planted…bloom, flower, BAM…like one of those old time-lapse movies we used to watch…dramatic and obvious.

I want to know when I’m opening to the world…I want to feel the blooming part. I want to know that it’s going to be OK.

I want to be “good” wherever I am. I can’t live in a “maybe geography”. I am here now.

This place I am is pretty great. We enjoy it here. That’s a pretty fine gift to be able to enjoy your life.

Just look at this “other” place, though.

Look at it! Look at it!!!

I need some Desenex or something…some kind of spray for my feet. I feel like I could itch them until they were just stubs at the end of my legs.


Someday soon….I’ve got to go to Idaho.

Pictures from Zoë's Camera 2624Now, if sitting is going to kill me, if inactivity is going to steal years from my life…how can I avoid traveling?…if only in an attempt to save my life and save the lives of the people I love?

It’s a self prescribed prescription for happiness and health…movement…rubber on the highway, don’t stop….keep moving and dreaming.

“Bloom where I’m planted”…but never find myself in a place where I’m afraid to let the wind blow the seeds off the dandelion.



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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.


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  1. Dude:
    Let me know when you head back up to Idaho. We’ll grab a beer again in Leadore. Special spot.
    Filet Mignon