I don’t know if it’s “cool” to like this as much as I do.

Maybe if I pretend that I like it from an “ironic” viewpoint…maybe if I pretend that I come at it from a cynical angle…tongue in cheek, laughing at this “old stuff”…maybe I could get away with liking it and no one will ever have to know that I’m sincere in my appreciation.

Andy Williams recorded this version around 1962, so I would have been pretty little when it was first aired.

I doubt that I saw it then…although my parents might have seen it…and I might have been in the room with them when they were watching it.

So…I guess that I might have seen it then.


The fact that my parents might have watched it is enough reason to have an interest in it.

Check out what this guy does.

He stands there on stage and sings a beautiful song really well and completely grabs my attention.

No pyrotechnics or “meat suit” costumes…no twerking…no bad attitudes.

It’s just a normal looking guy entertaining the viewer.

And he does it with both style and a really smooth approach.

Really smooth.

This is some of the coolest stuff I think that I’ll hear anywhere.

We don’t think about Andy Williams much anymore.

He’s not in the news.

He’s not with us anymore.

He’s not here.

This music is so great, though.

Check this one out….and I’ll close. I’ve got to go anyway.

We can be moved by simple things…simple sets, music that sounds familiar….sincerity of approach, real talent that isn’t pushy or inappropriate or vulgar.

I know that it can be done…watch this guy do it.

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