vinyl=good. too.

A couple of posts back, I was doing some “codgerizing” and celebrating how we used to discover new music.

I talked about how exciting it was to dig through boxes of used albums and come home with some strange new title…and what a victory it might be to discover something new and really cool.

At least I think that’s what I talked about.

If I didn’t talk about that, I should have. It sounds good, at least.

My friend John called me on what I was saying a little, and I’ll quote here without permission…

I, like you, have Stories of the fun of the bargain bin dive. Buying rarities on eBay has been fun too, but the ease of listening to something random for zero dollars is Good too. On YouTube you can listen to the early 60’s Scandinavian Rock. I dint know the Spotnicks existed. Look em up.

Ahhhhh….the wisdom.

The wisdom.

This guy, Mike Love, is one of those random finds.

I’d never hear him on the radio.

I wouldn’t see him on my television set ( I’m “codgerizing” again…no one calls a giant flat screen a “television set”).

I wouldn’t find him in a record bin in some pawn shop anymore.

But if I looked up Justin Young’s song “One Foot on Sand” on YouTube….watched it….and then glanced over to some of the other featured artists on the right hand side of the page…I might click on the one with the massive beard and the dreads and be happily surprised.

I might discover someone new that I enjoyed hearing.

That was almost too easy.

“Easy” can be good. Digging in a box of albums had it’s own memorable charms…that was, and could be again if I trusted my children not to screw with my turntable, a fun part of my life.

I enjoyed that. I like digging through boxes of anything that I can use to support another random collection of items that I really don’t need…but that I really want.

And there I am again…back to the topic of wants and needs.

I need to talk about that over and over. I want to talk about that.

I badly want to talk about that…and probably do it badly more often than not.

And I guess that’s what this song is talking/singing about…wants and needs….but he does it a little more eloquently than I do.

A couple of things about this video…

  • This guy looks like I think whatever is inside me looks. On the outside, I’m clean-shaven and balding ….no, “balding” means that I’m in the process of thinning out…my head is fuzzy but shiny on top…it’s beyond “balding”, it’s bald….on the outside. But inside, I’m sitting on a stool playing something cool…shaking out the dreads and brushing the food out of my massive beard. Don’t tell my wife that I said that….she likes me clean-shaven. It’s my secret….shhhhhhhhh.
  • I never would have found this without YouTube. My friend John is right…there’s no harm in wandering off the Luddite path every once in a while and learning a new trick.
  • “Easy” is good sometimes.
  • This YouTube station…channel….whatever YouTube calls it….”HiSessions” out of Hawaii…is pretty great.  Lots of good mellow Hawaiian vibes.  It’s easy to find…it’s good and easy. Check it out.


“Easy is good sometimes”. That’s a good revelation to start the day off with.



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