keep rising

When I discovered that a station high up on the dial of my little black and white television was playing music videos back in the early 80’s, it was pretty exciting.

And what wasn’t something to be excited about? Look at the dancing…look at the balloons!

I don’t remember what was going on with channel 69 back in Atlanta, but to get to watch some of these music videos without having MTV in the house…without paying for MTV…was a weird victory.

I don’t remember why I was turning the knobs on the little television, either. Why would I crank on that thing until I’d hit the high 60’s? That’s a long way to go away from the lower numbers with their guaranteed channels. What would make me think that I should do that?

I was like some bored astronaut…exploring the outer reaches of the entertainment universe…when BINGO….the thing that I never expected I’d see flickered across the 13″ black and white screen….FREE MUSIC VIDEOS.

Can you imagine how amazing that was?

I remember standing in front of a big projection screen at Oz Records and Tapes on Highway 41 in Marietta…watching a concert film of Queen…and thinking that it had to be the coolest thing I’d ever seen.

“They let me come in here and watch this big show for FREE!!!”

It was pretty high technology to watch something like that.

I was easy to please. I didn’t know any different. Now I want hi-definition…digital transmission…high speed everything.

And “free” doesn’t amaze like it used to. You can find anything for free if you know how to use the GOOGLE.

If you just teach yourself how to use the GOOGLE.

This video is by a Canadian band called Parachute Club. I actually have this album that the song is on…bought at the pawn shop for a quarter.

This may have been their only hit.

But what a hit it was….and what a goofy video.

Mimes…balloons….dancing in the street.

I wonder how many young people were seduced into trying to get into the music business by videos like this that seemed to promise endless fun and a life of adventure?

It was a seductive siren call to be lured to Pleasure Island by bands like this one from Canada.

“Oz Records and Tapes”? That’s a business that was doomed to failure. I don’t even think that you can buy “records and tapes” anymore.


If I want it, I can find it.

I rise.

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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