dancing at the top of the world

nate dancing chopraThis is a picture that my daughter Zoe took of my son Nate (her brother!) running around on some rocks up at Shining Rock.

The quote is from…you guessed it…Deepak Chopra.

What more can I say? I usually like to type out around 500 words…(FIVE HUNDRED WORDS!!!)…watching the counter at the bottom of my screen like it was some kind of perverse semi-creative sand timer…knowing that if I can fill the space with some kind of typed out phrase, that my job is done.

My job is never done. I don’t have an assignment. I don’t have a stopping point at some far distance on the horizon.

I am to go until I can go no farther…and that’s just the part that I see so far.

Who knows how far I’ll go when I’m gone?

Goodness gracious…we all have these secret places that we can access when we remember them…we all have something that just makes us happy…some warm memory of a breeze across our cheek…a smile on a stranger’s face that arrived just when we needed it most…a comforting and consistent belief that things could be good in our world.

Each has something that is good.

In the middle of the worst of times, we all have something that can bolster and prop up.

Now, the distraction of everything bad hitting the fan at the right wrong time makes it hard to remember that things can be good. It’s hard to remember when other thoughts and events force their way into our lives.

Some of us are ADULTS, after all. We have adult concerns. We have cares…and we have woes.

We have each other.

(Who said that Hell is other people? Sartre? Thank goodness for Google…I had to look it up. I think that’s a bunch of BS…he just needed to pick some better friends…or GET SOME FRIENDS…GOOD GRIEF…)

We have each other…and that can be a good thing.

I must be “watching the sand timer”…I’m racing towards the “500” goal like some kind of trained seal.

I love this picture…and I love this quote.

And you know what? I love…LOVE….that my daughter is thinking about stuff like this.

Why the heck am I so happy?

“Runnin’ Away” Sly and the Family Stone

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.


dancing at the top of the world — 2 Comments

  1. Happiness = Shining Rock. Thanks for all the trips there. You’ll always be my Dog Loser Knob. Priestyboy Out!

  2. Great Picture, Zoe! Nate reminded Dick of an agile, little mountain goat.