into each life a little….

It’s pouring down rain here…and we have boxholders to deliver.

Have I ever started a blog post with that sentence? If I haven’t….well, I should have.

Boxholders are a rain magnet. It seems like we have rain pretty often when I have to deliver them.

I should send a truckload out to California…seed the clouds with boxholders…make it rain.

This is a fellow reporting about Toronto…big rain up north…but he could have been saying the same thing down south….to a lesser degree.

What am I whining about? I’m just glad that I’m not living up in Toronto right now…before the big rain.

Boxholders are kind of a scourge…but it’s a mental thing, really…only a mental thing. All it means is that once a month, we have to put a Walmart ad in every single mailbox on the route…whether they have any “real mail” that day or not.

There is not a single thing that is hard about doing that.

It’s no different than what I do every single day.

I put on my brakes, stop in front of the mail box, reach into my organized tray of mail, pull out the correct address’ mail…and put it in the box.

Then the next box….and the next box….and the next box….and the next box…and the…

(I have worked in a factory…put the same bolt on the same thing all day long…and this is much nicer. Don’t let my whining about the repetition to be found delivering mail fool you. Delivering mail is a completely different animal than the assembly line…)

It’s just something about stopping at every mailbox with the additional step of wrangling an unwieldy bunch of ads for carpet cleaning and cheap pizzas that can really bring a mail carrier down.

I guess it’s just a matter of being able to absorb joy no matter what you’re doing…pull it out of the atmosphere like a sponge…soak it up.

Joy is there…whether you have over 500 boxholders or not…it’s floating in the expanded humidity…dripping down….SOAKING….

Check this video out….just joy. Watch how many times he almost turns the video camera off…but then, another dance move comes to mind…and….


I never know what’s going to happen. I think that when you’ve noticed sad things happening around you that sometimes the best you think that you can shoot for is an even-keeled mediocrity….like if you rocked the boat or made too many enthusiastic plans that something would come along to “equalize” the situation.

What a load…

That way of thinking is a load…

I think that even in the worst moments, there’s always an element of something to be found in the situation that can lift us back up…even if it’s only to a place where we can function again at a low level…”function” until we can reach up and find a strong reason to feel the joy around us again.

I guess that’s just a heavy way of saying, “Don’t bitch and whine about the boxholders…they aren’t a tornado or something worse…get a grip, man…don’t be such a freaking whiner…”

Don’t be such a freaking whiner…nothing is even close to bad.

It’s just another ad for cheap pizza.

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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