floating soldiers

If you listen very carefully…if you keep your ear on the tracks, feeling for the vibration of a train a hundred miles away…if you pay attention to the signs….sometimes you come up with a gem you can pluck out of the universe and carry with you the rest of your life.

That’s a simple truth.

Like this song….listen to it, wait for the ending…and Larry will take you home.

Larry knows what the score is.

Now….listen to it, all the way through.

Don’t clean your bathroom while you’re doing it, either.

You can’t multitask while the universe is dropping truth on your head.

Stay focused.

“float on” the floaters

OK….that’s a lot to digest.

What did you learn?

Did you hear Larry sing it to you right at the end of the song?

“Let me show you…how sweet it could be…sharing your love with Laaaarrrrrreeeeeeeee”

I couldn’t be any cooler than that if somebody held a gun to my head.

My name doesn’t end with an “eeeeeeeeeeeeeee” sound either.

I don’t know what I could rhyme with “Peter”.

I don’t think there’s any word that would encourage romance the way “Larry” does.

And that’s the luck of the draw.

That’s what allows some people to be “players”….and keeps others from being the same…something as simple as a name.

Something as simple as a name with an “e” sound at the end.

I think that if I really want to suck up to Jenny, though, I’m going to use Charles’ line about “a woman that’s quiet….a woman who carries herself like Miss Universe.”

I think that would score some points.

I think that ladies like a good line…and that “Miss Universe” thing is one of the great lines of all time.




There is a lot of weirdness that people have to wade through while they’re dating…or attempting to date…or just sharing their astrological information for no reason.

I never know who I’m going to wake up with.

Just this early morning, Jenny said, “Nate’s in bed with us…he keeps thrashing around.”

It was a good thing that I was already awake because Nate was in bed with us and thrashing around.

It would have been confusing if I’d been woken up out of a deep sleep with that kind of information.

I might have forgotten I was a parent in those late-night dreaming hours if Nate hadn’t woken me.

So I took him back to his bed where he fell asleep in about 5 minutes.

And now, at 4:33 in the morning,everyone else is asleep and  the house is quiet.

It’s nice to sit here with my coffee…quiet…peaceful…a cool breeze blowing through the screen door on the porch.

It’s worth getting up really early for that moment of quiet.

You know. though…if I didn’t know that in about an hour or so that the scene would change…and that everybody would be up, PBS would be on and educational cartoons would be playing and we’d be running around getting breakfast for Nate….getting ready for work, making my lunch…. making some more coffee….

If I didn’t know that everyone was here….there wouldn’t be as much pleasure in sitting by myself in the peace and quiet for a couple of minutes.

Charles and Larry and all the guys in the Floaters have their own deal going. They know the score in their own little chunk of space. They’ve got it going on…especially with the LADIES (!!!!).

I’ve got a good thing going on here, too.

Even without a good line, I’ve got a good thing going on.


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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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