I just finished watching this movie…online…and, mostly because, in this world of all possibilities, I couldn’t think of a blog post topic (!!)….I’m going to write for a while about this amazing film.

This movie was kind of a surprise for me.

I’d heard some critics talking about it on the radio….and they seemed to enjoy it…so when I saw that I could watch an HD quality print online….well…

I jumped at the chance.

I don’t think that I’ve ever seen a movie completely like this one.

That’s a hard thing to say these days.

There isn’t a whole lot of originality in the world anymore. Plot lines are regurgitated…set in a different locale or with a different type of cast…maybe a western goes to space or the aliens come to the old west…maybe the girl gets the girl at the end of the movie now? It’s hard to say what’s going to happen anymore. For all the weird tweaks and attempts to make the old idea feel new again, it all feels strangely familiar sometimes.

So this movie was a pleasant surprise.

(Maybe “pleasant” is the wrong word…there isn’t a whole lot that’s “pleasant” about this movie…)

The plot of this film is that in the future, after failed efforts to combat the effects of global warming plunge the world into another ice-age, the remaining survivors take refuge in a nuclear powered train that circles the world forever.

It’s a closed ecosystem with its own caste system…the people at the back of the train being lower on the “social scale” than the privileged front riders.

According to the “engineer”, everyone has their place.

Everyone has their place….no matter how unfair it may seem.

Of course, the people in the back don’t like this…conditions are horrible at the back of the train….and they revolt.

The revolution is what this movie is about.

Chris Evans without his Captain America suit….Ed Harris…Tilda Swinton….John Hurt….good cast.

Read some reviews on IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes…and you can see that the reactions to this movie were kind of a mixed bag…some folks loved it, some folks hated it.

The ones who hated it have some valid points…it’s pretty far-fetched (but it is a fantasy…) and you really have to suspend your disbelief at times…let the plot holes and contradictions pass by without thinking about them too much…

The ones who loved it, really loved it.

Maybe that’s what makes good art….it provokes response?

Maybe this movie isn’t really art? I don’t really know.

But it was pretty cool….with all it’s shortcomings that I didn’t really pay attention to at 5 in the morning….it was pretty darn cool.

This movie has been out in Europe for a while….now  it’s coming to the states after a long delay on June 27th…..

It’s a movie worth checking out…in the theaters soon….


….if you can’t wait.

Just saying.

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