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I think that sometimes we do things over and over to remind ourselves of something.

We do things repeatedly….thinking each time we do it, “hmmmmmm….this feels kind of familiar….” and then one day we get up, repeat ourselves one more time, and finally admit that there may be something going on.

I wonder if I’m a little OCD or something?

Nahhhhh….no sense over-diagnosing things.

That would be kind of obsessive.

I feed the cat the same way every morning.

Before I can do anything else, I feed the cat to get it to shut up.

When I come down in the morning, she grabs the lip of the window in our kitchen door and starts yowling for me to pay some attention to her….like this was going to be the one morning when I didn’t serve her needs first.

So I get the can of cat food from the box on the porch, pop the top, set it down, pet her and grab the old can, go inside and rinse the top off and put it in the recycling and then fill the old can with water so I can rinse it out later.

(Who am I kidding? I leave it in the sink and Jenny finishes rinsing¬†it out later…..)




I realized this morning that I pet her the same way every¬†morning, too…..starting at the head, quick shoulder massage, tickly squeezing down the full cat length, and then gently pull on her tail to finish the deed.

The same way….a way that sounds weird when I describe it but only takes a second in practice.

Then I go inside, put the water on for coffee, pour a coffee cup half way full with orange juice, take my vitamins, rinse the cup out, grind the coffee and put it in the french press, put some milk in the cup, and go upstairs to write this blog until I hear the kettle whistle and I can run through the darkened living room and maybe step on a Lego.

Stepping on a Lego really shakes up my day.

There’s a comfort in doing things the same way everyday.

I used to read about Sisyphus sometimes.

He was made to roll a boulder up a hill because he was kind of dishonest.

When he got to the top, the boulder would roll back down.

Over and over.


All the time.

My cat food routine is a lot more pleasant than that.

It’s no boulder.

It’s kind of pleasant.

I wonder if Heaven is doing the same pleasant thing over and over, but never being aware of the repetition?

(“Pleasant” is such a great word….so gentle….)

Maybe it’s doing the same thing over and over, but never feeling like you were missing something, that there was someplace else that you needed to be?

Maybe it’s knowing that there’s no place that’s better….and you can finally relax?

I don’t know…it’s early, I fed the cat, I’m taking my first sip of coffee…and Nate just got up.

Nate just got up….and the randomness begins.

What am I talking about with all this “same” talk?

Nothing stays the same.



“20 million things” Lowell George

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