too much


I almost threw up on Main St. in downtown Hendersonville yesterday.

I had an appointment with a lawyer to sign papers on some property that we’re in the process of buying, and when I stepped out of the car, I was sure that I was going to be sick, right there in front of all the tourists enjoying a nice meal at one of the little restaurants along that street.

That wouldn’t have been very appetizing for them.

So I stumbled down one of the side streets and found a ledge to sit on and hold my head and sweat.

I didn’t end up throwing up, thank goodness, but it was pretty touch and go for about twenty minutes.

There┬ámust be a stomach virus going around…everybody in my family is sick with it.

I thought that it was going to skip me.

Jenny said that the last couple of blogs have been “too much information”.

“Too much information” about my “procedure”.

That’s probably true.

Sometimes it might be better not to be such an open book.

It’s just that “the procedure” was a topic that was on my mind at the time.

It’s hard not to think about something like that….

Too much information.

That’s the trouble with “self-absorption”…sometimes the things that interest me mean nothing to anyone else.

But I’m riding this bicycle downhill….the course is set and my brakes are bad and sometimes I’ll run off at the mouth about something that’s a little too personal to put out for everybody to read.

I need to do more Idaho posts.

That’s something that has a universal appeal….and it’s a safe topic.

I’ll write a blog about what I think Idaho is all about….while I sit in my North Carolina home, without a clue about what “Idaho is all about…”

Ahhhhhh….who cares? I have a self-imposed 500 word quota each morning….and I’ve found that it’s really not so hard to type out 500 words if I really try. I can do it.

Except maybe this morning. I’m at 333 words and I’m running out of steam, no coffee because my stomach is still kind of messed up, no breakfast…running on fumes.

Awwww, shoot…I can do it. I know that I can do it.

When I was running in some races….back in the day….I’d always find myself in the middle of the pack.

I was no superstar.

I wasn’t one of the front runners….just a middle of the pack guy.

Maybe I didn’t have the “killer instinct”.

Whatever I lacked, I was always in the middle somehow.

But no matter how far back I was, I’d always try and give a good kick at the end.

There was no chance of “winning”….but I guess that I thought it was important to try….even if it was only at the end of the race.

30 words to go and I will start my kick…..

I’m glad that I didn’t throw up in downtown Hendersonville.

And that….is probably way too much information.

It’s way too much.


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