bigger, bigger, bigger

We watch these shows on TV about people buying houses.

That’s pretty weird, when I think of it.

Sort of voyeuristic or something.

Why should I care what somebody else is doing?

The thing about these shows is that so often it’s a young couple who are looking for their first home….and somehow, they have a budget of 400,000 dollars.

That’s a lot of money.

How does that happen?

I watched one last night where the woman was a food blogger.

She must have a heck of a blog.

I need to bake some cupcakes, too….so that I can get that rich.

Anyway, they have all this money…and they’re looking for a house.

Not just any house, either…usually it needs the “granite and stainless”….and it needs to be big.

These houses that this particular couple were looking at were in Austin….and most were way over 2500 square feet…with big vaulted ceilings and huge open floor plans.

Huge houses for a young (childless) couple just starting out.

That’s insane…but, somehow, not uncommon.

Why do we need these big houses?

If we have a bunch of kids…like the Duggars….it would make sense.

But two people don’t need a giant house.

I guess that I’m sort of a hypocrite, though. I have so much stuff….so many books…that we could use a big house….or a good, cheap storage facility.

So I guess that I’m sort of a hypocrite.

It’s the stuff…not the life…that demands a big house.

I am amazed when I see these people with the idea that they need all this room…with it’s additional heating and cooling issues….upkeep issues….look for these giant houses.


Then…when they find the giant house…some of them complain that they’ll have to buy a bunch of furniture to fill it with.

They orientate their needs to fit the big purchase.

And this one couple could do it all with the proceeds from a food blog.

That is amazing.

I could cook some crappy looking cupcakes…take a picture of them on a nice granite counter top….and then really clean up.

I didn’t know it could be so profitable.

I have been barking up a lot of wrong trees.

I should concentrate on baking some crappy looking cupcakes.

Here’s a couple of videos about tiny houses.

Jenny says that “editing” is the new skill in the coming years.

If you can edit your life down to the point where the tiny home is the good option….pare it all down….simplify, simplify, simplify…that would be pretty great.

Pretty great…and pretty hard.

Pretty great….and pretty elegant.

Google “tiny house” or get on YouTube and check out all the videos….check out Lloyd Kahn’s website …there is a lot of information out there on tiny homes.

There is so much in the world that’s more interesting than “stainless steel and granite”.

You don’t need a giant house.

I don’t want to bake a cupcake so that I can take a picture of it.

I just want to eat it.

Every bit of it.

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