Big Monday

I loved this movie…no, no past tense….love…

I haven’t seen it in a while.

“Big Wednesday”….

I have a “Big Monday” going on right now.

Something is crashing on my head.

My eyes are blurry…and I’m in a hurry.

I underslept and I’m late again…or I feel late…or something.

Maybe I’m OK?

I don’t really know.


I’m going to go downstairs and make some coffee….wait for me…I’ll be right back….

OK….I started the coffee.

I couldn’t make you wait for it to finish…it’d take too long…so I came back early.

I couldn’t make you wait.

This movie….”Big Wednesday”…is a good one.

At one point in my life, I worked in a cubicle and I used to listen to the audio track from the movie on my Walkman….had pictures of surfing pinned to my cubicle wall.

I wanted to stand up on a wave….be out in the ocean.

I guess that it was another example of wanting to be “away”.

I wanted to be doing something different than what I was doing.

Proof-reading the yellow pages before they went to be printed was pretty mind-numbingly boring.

It was boring even if I listened to guys catch giant waves.

I couldn’t run away fast enough…the boring would track me down and grab my neck like a pouncing tiger….gnaw on me and spit me out like a hunk of bored sour meat.

They say that alcohol kills brain cells but I wonder how many we kill doing stupid but necessary jobs?

A man’s got to have some money, though.

We do what we have to do to survive.

Anyway….I’ve heard it said that being bored is the sign of a weak personality….so, truth be told….I’m never bored, no matter how hard something big tries to throw me to the ground and chew on my bored carcass.

Anyway…it’s Monday.

That’s the start….it’s where it all begins.

I’ll probably find another book about living out in the woods on pennies a day and destroy myself for being happy slogging around doing what I do.

The funny thing about a lot of those books is that they were written in the 40’s and never made it to many reprintings….so I’m reading something that’s really out-dated and thinking, in my naïve, hopeful way, that, “Hey!!! I could do that!! Live in the woods on pennies a day!!” ….even though, adjusted for inflation, it’s probably something like “slightly less that a hundred dollars a day” now.

Nobody in my family is really excited about the whole “pennies a day” thing, anyway.

I’m no hermit…

So, in the movie these three guys grow up together and surfing is a strong bond for them.

Out in the sun and the waves, they surf.

Friends surfing….it looked like a good thing.

It would be a good thing.

Monday is a weird marker.

It’s not something bad, really…it’s just the feeling that it gives me in the pit of my stomach that I have to be able to gently fight.

I need to remember what I imagine it must feel like to stand on top of a big wave.

I need to imagine a big wave on my “Big Monday”.

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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