Do you think that my children and the people that I work with would take me even more seriously if I stared at them the way this guy looks out at the video audience?

I’m not making fun of this guy….I have one of his books, and he’s pretty good.

He knows his stuff.

He walks his talk.

I like his thought that “life becomes boring” after the survival issues are taken care of.

When you get your stuff together….and all your ducks are in a row….life becomes kind of boring.

Maybe we like to throw a monkey wrench into the works just to keep things a little more exciting?

Adrenaline junkies looking for a rock to trip over so that the hike down the trail is more interesting.

Nah….I like smooth.  It’s hard enough to make it through life trying to avoid the stumbling blocks…why mix it up to keep things amusing?

That’s crazy.

I’m taking a day off of work today.

That’s my version of “mixing it up”.

Sitting in front of a computer screen, drinking some coffee, listening to Sparrow “talking to Mommy” in the next room, waiting for everyone to wake up.

High adventure.

We saw a rainbow the other day that looked like it ended at our neighbor’s rental trailer up behind their house.

That was funny….

Maybe the pot of gold was just a little ways up the road?

How many “sure thing” adventures are started because we’re convinced that the “pot of gold” is just over the next hill….or behind an old trailer?

How many journeys have I taken because I convinced myself that there was something better just a little bit on down the road?

How dissatisfied have I made myself because I was immobile…but convinced that there was someplace else that I needed to be?

Where I am is pretty great….and I can make it greater.

I don’t need a high mountain desert to be happy.

I can love that….think about it…ponder living there….but I don’t have to color my worldview with thoughts of the greener grass (or rolling tumbleweeds and harsh winter winds) on some other side of the fence somewhere else in the world.

A shower…finish my coffee…pet the cat….do any of those things….and I’m back in the groove and happy where I am.

My family will be up soon and I’ll be happy again.

But, you know….we never discover anything “better” when we won’t imagine that there might be something pretty interesting over the next hill.

The seed of dissatisfaction must be there for a reason…..

I guess that it’s all how we channel the dissatisfaction that makes or breaks us.

A springboard or a gangplank….it all depends on how we use it.

Chris Rice is a recording artist who does some beautiful and deep Christian music. In one of his songs, he sings that imagining the the greatest gift of Heaven might be the chance to get beyond “himself”.

That’s pretty profound….leave yourself behind.

That sounds good.

This is a self-absorbed blog….one of millions out there.

I’m not dissatisfied, really….just anxious to see what I can make happen….just anxious to see if I can pull something good together….and make sure that I notice and appreciate it when it does happen…..

I need to make sure that I stop whining at some point and wake up and notice that IT’S HERE ALREADY.

What the heck am I looking for?


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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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