I can’t remember all the stuff I have to know.

blue screen of death

Oh, man….I thought that I was such a royal smartypants.

Our computer went down a week ago….and I fixed it.

Opposable thumbs and a rapidly firing, caffeine fueled neocortex helped me resurrect the dying hard drive….and I was back in business.

I didn’t have to spend money on a new computer when the old one worked just fine.

And then….a week or so later…it went down for the count.

It went down for some sort of count….I don’t know what kind.

“MBR”….corruption….locked out of all my fine information.

Yesterday, I got the replacement hard drive and installed it and put Windows back on it and everything is starting to work like it used to.

Actually, right now it works a lot better than it used to.

There isn’t anything clogging it up to slow it down.

It’s all fresh.

It’s like a closet with a single pair of shoes that I wear everyday.

I know where everything is and it makes me happy to see all the space and potential.

(I mention the shoes because I bought a pair of Keen boots at the thrift store yesterday that were too good a bargain to pass up. I didn’t need another pair of boots…but I bought them anyway. My closet is full because I don’t have a handle on my impulse control….)

One of the things that I worked on for about 5 minutes this morning was trying to reconstruct my bookmarks.

I could remember some of the important ones….like the financial sites I need to visit….the shopping….Lloydsblog….cooltools…..but for the life of me…..(THE LIFE OF ME!!!)….I couldn’t remember many of the rest of them.

All of my really important references were gone.

Years of collecting the links to the things that I had to know were somewhere else…locked in a dying hard drive that I couldn’t access right now.

I couldn’t remember what I had to know at some point.

That’s disturbing to realize that I can’t remember all of this really important stuff.

Except for the memory of the loss, I really don’t think that I’ll miss it all that much.

And it could be that some of it will float through as I go through my day and I’ll have a flash of recognition and I can bookmark (again) that bass guitar site that I never used….or the site about cob building….or any of the other clicks that I made and never went back to.

I feel so light! I feel so unburdened! I feel like a baby….just starting out…..

When it’s all gone suddenly…like the wind just swooped in and carried it all away….it’s pretty obvious that most of the stuff that I “clutter with” is not going to be missed.

It’s not going to be missed….and it’s not going to be remembered.

The fun was in the discovery, anyway….not the clicking and holding on forever part.

This is all about bits and bytes….jotted notes in a hurricane…┬áripped out of my hand by a blowing wind.

It’s nothing serious like a life or a love.

Silly computers.

That’s all…just silly computers.

“Money Can’t Save Your Soul” Savoy Brown

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