It takes more than Jack to build a house…..

I was looking up “time-lapse” videos of house building to use in this morning’s blog when I came across this….

There’s hundreds…or at least 30 videos…. on YouTube about insanely wealthy people in the world…or places where a bunch of rich people tend to live.

Holy smokes.

That’s crazy how much money these people have.

It’s crazy that anyone is willing to sit through a video of a bunch of rich people spending their money.

I wonder if I’d watched a bunch of these videos before I started trying to borrow to buy the property down the road if I would have had an easier time of it?

If I could have sashayed into the bank and told the loan officer that I’d watched all the videos that I could about rich people if they would have gone easier on me?

I wonder if it would have shown them that I really had a handle on “money”….and that my time management skills were exemplary?

“How did he find the time in his busy day to watch all the videos of other people who have money?! How did he do that?”

It’s insane how much money some of these people have.


I’d rather build a cabin in the woods…learn to raise and race sled dogs….grow most of my own food….live on the edge of the places where people stop finding it easy to get to….than wear a big gold watch and ride around on a giant boat.

I don’t need some servant to …subserviently….tell me that I’m the greatest.

But….how does this happen to people?

How do they get so darn rich?

Is it something that their “Daddy” does for them?

Do they have some guy digging in a diamond mine do it for them?

How does this happen that somebody gets to ride around on a really big boat?

I’m just curious.

Of course, I’m rich in ways that these people will never understand.

We laugh if we find something really cool at the thrift store….and then put it back on the shelf because we really don’t need it.

We go to get some falafel and hummus at the Pita House in Greenville…and feel like KINGS and QUEENS because the food is THAT GOOD.

We live a rich life…but don’t have the income yet to call ourselves “wealthy”.

I don’t think that I’m jealous of these people.

Now…I am kind of jealous of the folks traveling the world in their converted school buses.

Some beautiful little “tiny home”….freedom from stuff like most of what I see in this video….that’s what I’m jealous of.

That’s what I aspire to….something a little different….or a lot different than what these people in this video seem to have.

You know, though…it would be a blast to be a stealth millionaire….living low on the hog and not worrying about the money that I have but don’t feel the need to spend.

That would be pretty cool to be in a situation like that.

I could live with having some money….but not flaunting it.

Money could be a problem that would be worth figuring out how to handle……

And, if I had some money, look how easy and fast it is to build a house!

Who would have thought it was that easy?



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