the gift that keeps on….

I slept in this morning.

It was 5:24 when I got up….so I knew that I’d have to get on it if I was going to get all my morning rituals done before I made my lunch and jumped in the car for work.

I was late….and I was a directed bullet of a man….in a hurry and highly motivated.

When I turned on the computer, I got another message screen…like the one I got yesterday…. that said that Windows was applying the updates that must have downloaded….. yesterday.

OK…I can wait. I have to wait. I have no other option but to wait. I can be patient when I’m forced to.

I can’t wind the computer up any tighter to make it go faster….I can’t spank the squirrels to make the revolutions increase in speed….there’s nothing that I can do….

I wait.

And then, it finishes….and a new screen comes on and says that the updates were being configured.

So….I wait…..again.

Then the computer restarts.

I’m ready.

And then it starts all over again…..more updating and configuring and applying.


But….good things come to those who wait and soon all the monkey shines are done and I’m staring at the place where I can put my password in and make the festivities begin.


I don’t know what the hurry was….I tend to follow me around most of the time.

I’m with myself alot.

We spend all our time together.

I wonder how much of our lives we give over to waiting for something….some machine or gizmo….to warm up so that we can use it?

I guess that if you’re a real luddite and aren’t into machinery or technology that you’d still spend some time sharpening the knife.

I guess that you can’t get away from the waiting.

Maybe it’s like that old saying about complaining that you had no shoes….until you met a man who had no feet.

I shouldn’t complain about waiting for my old computer to warm up.

I should celebrate that I knew how to replace the hard drive.

All of this “updating” stuff is just a sign that it’s continuing to get better.

“Windows” is helping to heal my computer!

That’s what’s going on!

Windows is helping me!!

Windows is my friend.

I don’t know about that, actually.  I think that when you get down to it, Windows is really kind of a TOOL.

But it makes the plastic box whir….I don’t know how it does that, really….and when it “whirs”, it means that it’s “go time” and I’m back in the saddle.

I do think it’s funny how willing I become to sit and wait for something to complete a process….or to stand in line with all the other people waiting for something ahead of them to complete.

That’s civilization, I suppose.

An uncivilized man would bust a move and go kill something and eat it.

An uncivilized man wouldn’t stand in line to buy a doughnut.

I’m a civilized man….and I wait.

Anyway, all I know is what I’ve learned….and that’s malleable as heck.

“Learned” is open to interpretation, too.

Just because somebody tried to teach me doesn’t mean that it was all learned.


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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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