this ain’t no funky video….this ain’t such as that

One thing about a library or the internet, it’s a sure reminder that you just don’t know everything there is to know yet.

I was looking for a video about funk music this morning and ran across this.

The description for the video is in a language that is not mine….so I don’t know much about the artist or the country of origin.

I could figure it out if I wasn’t too lazy….but I’m too lazy this morning.

This guy is so relaxed.

I appreciated that.

Maybe that’s a new category for the record bins….”morning funk”.

Any funk is good funk, in my book.

I’ve complained about how things are too easy….that it’s too easy to discover new music….and that making it easy has taken away some of the joy.

Finding new music was a community effort…digging in record bins was physical….it was something you earned when you found somebody new to listen to.

But….this random easiness that YouTube provides….that’s kind of fun, too.

So….I’ll give the curmudgeon routine a rest and stop complaining about the differences in how we discover new music for a while.

“Why, back in my day, we had to dig our records out of two feet of snow….AFTER running to the store through a hurricane and dodging 27 lightning bolts!!! Now, that was how you discover new music!!! That’s when it meant something to find something new to listen to….when you earned it!!!”

Here’s another video by this guy Paolo Nutini…..

Thanks, YouTube!

Here’s some info about Paolo Nutini…..

Awwwwwww…..what they heck….one more video and I’ll go.

Good morning…..

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