nocturnal ratio


When I sleep in it really confuses me.

I’m never sure if everyone else in the house is going to sleep in correspondingly late.

I can’t count on that.

So, it’s kind of a wild card as to what is going to happen.

Sparrow was up last night.

Not up screaming or distressed…just up and laughing and crawling around on the bed.

She was kind of playing a game of human bumper car….bouncing into the barrier that Jenny and I formed on either side of her.

All night long….hyper and happy.

So, we stayed up some and I slept in this morning.

Of course, Jenny stayed up the lions share of the time so she is still sleeping with Sparrow….and everyone else in the house is still asleep, too.

(I can always count on the teenagers to sleep….Nate’s the wild card…I expect him up any second so I’m typing fast to try and finish before that happens….)

Jenny’s sister just had another child, so we went up to Asheville yesterday to meet Charlie….and to spend some time with her sister’s family and with Jenny’s parents, who were in town to meet the two new babies.

We’ve had 7 months to get used to Sparrow being around….but it’s always interesting to see these really little brand new babies and to know that there is a real person lying there in “Momma’s” arms…..and soon that new little person is going to be crawling around and making his or her needs apparent.

I guess that’s something that we get good at pretty quickly.

They don’t have to be crawling for that to happen.

Babies just yell their heads off.

Luckily, we’re all pretty good at making our needs clear.

I think that we were tired when we got home.

How else can I explain sleeping until 7?

Ahhhhh…..I hear Nate getting up…padding out…yelling at me to “Just GO AWAY!!!!” when I tell him he can’t wake Mommy up.


That’s what I’m talking about!

The “game changer” has arrived and announced his presence.

“Release the KRAKEN!!”

Oh, man….he just went into the bedroom when he heard Sparrow wake up.

Oh, dang….now I might be in trouble for not being an effective gatekeeper.


Here’s something to ponder….something that just crossed my mind.

When someone says that they are a “self-made man”, do they discount the time they spent in their mother’s arms….the time they spent with their parents….or is that just such a typically expected situation that it’s not even considered part of the process of becoming a “success”?

Looking at these new babies….one really new….it’s impossible not to notice that it’s pretty darn important to be a part of that Mother/Child equation.

“Self-Made Man”?

How do you do that? Even an earthworm can’t be a “self-made man”.

Everybody is up now…everyone except for the teenagers barricaded in their rooms.

I don’t know that there is such a thing as a “nocturnal ratio”….me sleeping in doesn’t mean that anyone else sleeps in more. I am not protected like that.

There is no insurance policy against the random events of childhood.

No matter how consistent those random events are.

“Deep Dark and Dreamless” Souther Hillman Furay Band



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