monkey with a chainsaw

I bought a hat the other day at the thrift store that says “Treehugger” on it.

Jenny said that I couldn’t wear it while I was using the chainsaw.

I thought that would be the best time to wear it….kind of funny and ironic (to me).

Minolta DSC

I’ve been cutting down some trees lately on that property that we bought.

I don’t use a horse….just cut them up small enough that Isaac and I can carry them back up out of the woods.

A lot of years of little trees growing can really cover up a property quick.

It can happen quickly….even if it takes a bunch of years.

Today, I’m going to go over there and cut a path down to the pond….take the weedeater and chop through all the poison ivy and then go to town on the little trees.

I think the part where I chop up the poison ivy with the weedeater is pretty stupid…but I’m going to do it anyway.

It looks better thinning out some of the undergrowth….it’s nice to be able to move around.

“Treehugger” hat notwithstanding….I like to thin it out some.

We heat with wood and have for a bunch of years….so cutting firewood is kind of a necessity.

You get over the “treehugger” mentality pretty quickly when the tree is part of the process of staying warm.

I love trees, though.

There’s not much that is as pretty as a tree.

I don’t always imagine how many board feet of lumber I could get out of a huge tree when I look at it, though.

A tree isn’t a product.

It’s not here only for my use.

I don’t think that “dominion” means that I can screw with whatever I choose….mess up the environment because I’m the boss of the world.

I don’t think anyone gave me that authority.

That property does look better with some trees cut down.

I really do appreciate the wood that I can put into the woodstove on a cold day.

And I like building with wood…taking a bunch of 2×4’s and using them to build something.

I use the “product”…like I like to go to the store and buy some shrink wrapped chicken.

Maybe if I get far enough away from the process, and the product is shrink wrapped or stacked, I can forget the big machines that helped get the two by four to me….or chopped that bird up so that I can put her on my grill.

That takes some of the sting and responsibility out of it all….

I use the product….and wear my “treehugger” hat while I’m doing it.

We have a lot of trees where we live.

I tend to gravitate towards places with a lot of trees.

If I have my choice, I’ll live somewhere with some water and some trees.


And I’ll cut one or two (or 30) down if I have to.

I’ll hug them before I cut them.

Maybe that’s a good compromise.



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