road work


My neighbor is coming to fix the road in to the new property sometime next week.

It rains a lot here….and the gravel washes away…so “road work” is a necessity and a constant thing.

You fix it to stabilize it as much as possible….maybe throw some more gravel up on it when necessary….and then drive on it for the rest of your life and take it all for granted until the next rut appears and you start the process all over again.

It surely makes for some easy traveling when I maintain my roads a little.

Now, metaphorically, I don’t always do a good job of maintaining my “roads”…

I drive over them and ignore the ruts as well as I can….each new bump and hole in the road is just another place that I have to grip the steering wheel a little harder so I don’t get jolted out of the vehicle…each new jolt just another example of “just the way it is” that I grow complacent about.

I dig these holes….dance for the rain….ruin the day….and complain if I wake up some bumpy ride and notice that the roads I’ve built for myself are really getting kind of unpleasant to travel on.

That’s usually when I blame my “travelling companions” for the discomfort.

I “bump it up” and then blame the people around me for the rough ride.

I was probably the one who left the drawer out this morning that I racked my shin on in the dark.

That was probably me.

I didn’t blame anyone else…..I just cursed and hobbled out to the living room.

I didn’t even curse loudly enough to wake anyone else up, either.

It was just me….banging around.

So…the metaphoric part of it all is that I build the roads I travel, sometimes.

I build them and I tear them up….and then I drive on them and pretend that nothing is wrong.

That’s the “metaphoric” part.

The real here and now is that the road over at the property is easy to fix.

I don’t have to struggle to make it through the muck and the ruts my whole life.

A little dozer work….some gravel…and I’m back on it….cruising the short distance up to the old house and the fields without worry or discomfort.

That’s reality…some of these problems are fixable if you just ask someone who knows what to do.

It’s not hard if you just ask for help every once in a while.

I’d fix every road if I knew how….

Here’s a nice video….just “because”….

The picture is of a “good section” of the road….he’s fixing the “bad section”. I’m not that much of a “weeny”….there is a bad section.



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