the new apocalypse


It must be a sign of the new apocalypse when I get set to start writing another morning’s worth of blog and I realize that I have no new spam from a French pornographer in my comments… offers to buy cheap rolexes….no comments like “you have much information that helps me in making better my life! Thankyou for writing with such indepth knowledge!!” (sic)

There wasn’t a single bit of spam this morning.

Now, it could be that all the spammers were raptured and I was left behind to write this blog…but I kind of doubt it.

What purpose would it serve to leave me behind to write this blog?

That’s an unrealistic hypothesis.

I don’t know why I have no spam.

I curse it when it’s the only comments that I get….I curse it.

No….I delete it without cursing.

What would be the point of cursing?

I read it….just in case some weirdo is making an actual comment that only sounds like spam because of the misspellings and weird grammar.

Any actual comment that makes me think that I’m the “best” and to “keep writing” is one I wouldn’t want to delete.

Freaking tricky spammers.

Isaac and I went over to the new property and burned some stuff last night that I’d cut down….trying to get the property cleared up.

We had a big pile of logs that we doused (with water) before we left….going to have to go back tonight and finish the job.

I just realized that it’s a sad thing that I actually know how to spell “apocalypse”.

That’s kind of sad.

Now, I did sit in front of our console stereo when I was a little kid, listening to phonics records and saying “ppppppppppp” and “ttttttttttttt” and “phuhhh” and “puhhhhhh” and weird things like that….just so I could learn to read.

I paid my dues….I should know how to spell.

And I do know how….for the most part.

But “apocalypse” is kind of a different word.

The only way I’d know how to spell that one is if I’d given it some thought.

Why’d I ever give that word a second glance?

What did that ever do for me?

Thinking about “apocalypse”……pshawwwwwwwww…..or “puhhhhhhhh”.

So, I’ll go back and burn tonight…try and finish up the job….and I’ll probably have some more entertaining spam in my comments section tomorrow.

I can’t take the lack of irritation as a sign of the end times.

Sometimes bad things don’t happen for no reason.

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