backwards t-shirt

james dean t-shirt

Oh….I overslept.

I overslept by a lot….like an hour and a half.

I’m late….the clock and the battery-powered measurer on my wrist tell me that I am behind the place I should be.

I am wrong, somehow.

But it’s really not so different than any other morning…it just means that instead of 45 minutes to write the blog, I have 15 minutes to write the blog.

I get up before everyone else and often dress in the dark….or start dressing in the dark…to try and insure that everyone else stays asleep and it remains quiet in the house.

As long as I know that everyone is safe….and sleeping peacefully….it’s really wonderful to have it quiet in the house.

I love that. It’s not quiet very often, otherwise.

Anyway, I dress in the dark.

This morning, I put my black t-shirt on backwards.

In the darkness, I could feel that it wasn’t right.

It felt “off”.

So I pulled my arms out and spun the t-shirt on my body, put my arms back through….and I was good to go.

I still had to put on my pants….but the t-shirt part of the operation was covered.

That got me thinking….and if I’d been thinking, I would have turned on a little light so that I could see the label, maybe….but what I was thinking is that here you have a piece of clothing that doesn’t have an identifying pocket or any graphics or other way to tell what the “front” is….it pretty much looks the same from the front as it does from the back.

If you put it on….and didn’t know what “right” felt like…you could go your whole life wearing this thing and never know what it felt like to have the t-shirt turned the right way.

If you dress in the dark all the time, you might miss a label that would have clued you in to the “correct” way to wear something as simple as a double-sided t-shirt.

I guess that what I was thinking is that sometimes, until you’re in it, you don’t know that something’s wrong until you know that you better pull back for a second and spin that t-shirt around….until it feels right and you recognize it.

What the heck….15 minutes isn’t long enough.

You can’t write and edit and do all the other necessary things in 15 minutes.

You don’t even have time to spin the t-shirt if something feels wrong.

I’m glad that I know that a wrong t-shirt isn’t forever.

Spin that sucker.

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