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I can hear the sounds of outside from where I sit in the morning to write this blog.

Maybe some cicadas….maybe some peepers….the funky cry of an opossum (?….maybe a raccoon?) ….the rooster….

It sounds like it’s going to make the transition into Fall soon.

It just feels different….like something is going to change.

I used to run in the morning when it was dark and all these sounds surrounded me.

I haven’t run in a while.

It’s easier to quit a good habit than it is to get started again.

And it’s really easy to start again, really.

So….it must be really easy to quit something good.

I don’t have any problem forming a habit of not working at something that takes a little effort.

Easy as pie.

Yesterday, my Jeep passed its yearly inspection….which is probably another story….not a really interesting story….but another one.

It surprised me that it passed.

That makes it a whole lot easier to get it licensed when it passes the inspection.

So….that was my “miracle of the week” ….to go from having the check engine light on….knowing what code it was throwing….expecting it to fail….turning off the light and erasing the codes with my code checker….and then having it pass.

That’s a minor miracle.

Which doesn’t excuse me from knowing that I want to get back out and start running again in the morning.

It’s good to hear those morning sounds before the rest of the people on my road wake up and start driving around.

Quiet….not silent….just quiet.

That’s the kind of environment for me.

I need some peace….all the time.

I listened to an interview with a journalist named Bob Timberg yesterday.

He stepped on a landmine when he was preparing to end his tour of duty in Vietnam…..and was badly damaged by the explosion.

He’s written a book called “Blue Eyed Boy” about his experience and how he survived that horrible experience….and moved beyond to continue his life.

I can’t imagine what he went through.

He talked a little about John McCain….and when he asked him how he could get over his imprisonment as a POW.

I’m quoting from memory….but John McCain said (something like), “I spent time in the military academy, and didn’t like it….I spent 5 1/2 years as a prisoner and didn’t like it. That was enough time spent on that….”

I mangled that quote….but that was the thought, anyway….

I don’t know how to leave things completely behind….but what a lot of wasted time trying to figure out things that have long passed….and none of it was horrific or really hard.

That has nothing to do with running.

What the heck? What am I thinking? I need to drink more coffee.

Maybe what I’m thinking is that we all have the opportunity to take care of what little things we can manage to make our lives better.

I can clean the kitchen….pick up my clothes…change the oil in the jeep….help give the little guys a bath….a million other things.

I can start running again….


These little details are going to make or break me.

“Runnin’ Away” Sly and the Family Stone

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.


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