This morning was kind of confusing.

I slept in….got up early….looked at the clock…remembered that it was really early…and started to write in the morning quiet that I enjoy if I get up early enough and am… quiet.

Then, Nate got up (on time…but artificially early) and it wasn’t quite as quiet.

This “giving us an hour” doesn’t work for me.

I need “real-time”.

It snowed yesterday.

When we woke up, there was about 5″ of new snow on the ground.

Nate and I went out early and built a snowman….but by the time the afternoon had rolled around, the snowman was dead….melted on the grass.

It was a short-lived snow.

I went over to the new property and took some pictures while it was cold and the snow was still on the ground.

It was quiet at the new property….peaceful.

Nobody was out in the snow….too early….too snowy….and that was pretty nice.

I’ve taken runs in the snow where I didn’t see another person the whole time I was out.

That’s kind of unusual….usually, I can’t help but see someone while I’m out and about.

I guess that it’s hard to be out in the cold and snow….especially when it’s a short-lived and unexpected snowfall.

Why do the “hard” if the hard part is going to be gone soon?

Why do it at all if you can wait it out and see it go away?

When I think about it, though, the times when I’ve been surrounded by really profound “quiet” is when I had a chance to do something kind of “hard”.

If I can get off the trail….just a little bit farther than the bulk of the tourists….I can be somewhere pretty quiet.

If I can get up early enough…..

If I go out in the snow….

Oh….now that I think about it, the times that it’s been really quiet were the times when I was alone.

Maybe quiet is overrated

I like “alone”…but I love my family.

I’d trade away the quiet if it meant that I could be with them.

It was pretty peaceful, standing in a field, snow falling on me while I waited to turn back towards home.

I can work with “peaceful” every now and then, too.

I better enjoy whatever comes while I still can.

I better learn to enjoy.

“it’s oh so quiet” Bjork




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