all you care to eat


I guess that I don’t know what “hungry” really is.

What a blessing.

We ate at the Asian buffet yesterday…and it was good.

It’s usually pretty good….depending on what time of day we get there. End times at the buffet can be kind of “sketchy”….but if you get there early enough, it’s pretty consistently good.

I had a light breakfast at home earlier in the day….coffee, juice….and a fresh mushrooms, green peppers, and onions omelet that I made.

I wasn’t really hungry after breakfast.

I told myself that I was very hungry by the time we got to the buffet.

I ate like I usually do when we got there and had our seats assigned and got our coats off and got settled a bit.

Egg rolls and hot mustard, tofu….mixed vegetables, garlic string beans….lo mein….sesame bean balls….tried the egg fu yung again….bad egg fu yung….had the guy at the bar cook some beef with onions, peppers, broccoli, and mushrooms….had another egg roll….went up for some dessert….had some more lo mein and rice….thought about having some soup….looked at the fruit and the salad bar….decided to skip all that deep fried chicken stuff this time….ate part of an undercooked baked drumstick…..looked at the sushi….skipped the sushi….went back and got a couple of those steamed dumpling things….and I think….at that point….I stopped eating.

Of course, all this is interspersed with trips to the bathroom or the buffet with our 5-year-old.

I may have skipped some details. It all usually goes down in a fork-whirring blur….so I forget things in the sequence of gluttony.

I am not very “mindful” when I know that I can have as much as I want to eat.

And…if you think about it…. that is kind of crazy.

To not be really hungry…but to convince myself that I must be pretty hungry before going to the “all you can eat” buffet….is pretty nuts.

I don’t really remember any element of that meal with great clarity.

I can’t remember it.

And ….why should I?

There’s more where that came from….I can fill my plate time and time again with whatever I choose to semi-consciously consume.

I am my only limit….my own “belly stretching limitation”….I only stop when good sense prevails and I decide that I am “comfortable” instead of painfully overfull.

What a trip!

Parents used to say, “Eat all your food! There’s children in China who are going hungry….you need to eat all your food….”.

Now, we go to a restaurant where the Asian people feed us all until we’re ready to pop….and no one mentions the hungry Chinese children.

I guess that it’s bad form to do that at an all you can eat buffet.

I guess it’s funny how prosperity changes how carefully I pay attention to things.

We have so much….and I’m not paying very close attention to much of it

I better start paying attention….right after the next trip to the bar for another egg roll….or maybe a sesame bean ball….or….

Oh, what the heck?!

The world is my oyster. I consume without awareness. I do what I want. Why should I pay attention to any of it?!

Chow down, Holmes….CHOW ON.

“all the roots grow deeper” David Wilcox


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