two brothers talking about cars

Tom Magliozzi passed away yesterday.

What a hilarious man.

I guess that he was “Click” to his brother’s “Clack”.

I never knew who was who….until he passed away yesterday and I looked him up.

Tom and Ray did the “Car Talk” show on Public Radio.

I guess that it’s possible that some people in our country haven’t heard the show…so a short description might help explain what I think these guys did.

They talked about cars.

People would call them….and they talked about cars.

The whole show.

That’s it.

I make it sound good, don’t I?

I’m lying when I say “that’s it”. I’m lying.

This show was so much more than two guys talking about cars.

Listen to some episodes here…on the guys’ website  …to get a feeling for what they did every week.

It was a lot more than I can describe easily….there was more than just cars being discussed each week.

There are a lot of legacies that people can leave behind.

Positive and negative, there are a number of ways to “leave your mark” on the world.

Listen to some of these shows.

Well done, Mr. Magliozzi !

You made a lot of people happy.

Read Tom’s bio here….. I think it’s worth knowing something about this man.

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