all my relatives

Does he say, “Slicky roads” in this video?


It’s cold here this morning.

5 degrees. Fahrenheit.

That’s pretty cold for here.

I think that it’s the wind chill that really makes it feel chilly, though.

If 5 degrees wasn’t cold enough, the wind chill will remind me that it’s kind of ….chilly.

Jenny was talking about how easy our winters really are… short….how comparatively mild….and I’d have to agree.

We have it pretty good. Nothing too harsh.

But when it gets bad for a while, it really feels “bad”.

I suppose it’s just because we know what “good” feels like that we notice the bad?

Nah….it’s cold. I don’t care where I live, temperatures like this feel cold.

No matter what “relative” I choose to compare the situation to.

Why, relative to my relatives in Idaho, I’m probably pretty consistently warm.

It just depends on how I look at it.

My blower motor for my heater is acting up. I never know if it’s going to work or not….and when it does, it usually only works when I have the window rolled up…..motored up….

It only works when the window is closed….so when I’m delivering the mail, the fan won’t go.

I miss it.

There’s something to be said for warm air blowing on me in comparison to all this cold air that I expect today.

But….relative to what it would feel like to have to deliver the mail on a motorcycle, I’m pretty warm.

The windshield really does block a lot of cold air, even if some does blow in my open side window.

I’ve got it pretty darn good.

Little woodstove in the house, plenty of dry firewood, food in the refrigerator, gas in the Jeep, a two hour delay for the kid’s school….I’ve got it pretty darn good.

So what if it’s cold?

Here’s a band that I hadn’t thought about for a long time….used to play them on a radio show they let me do when I was in college.

Christian hard rock….imagine that?

“paint a picture” Resurrection Band

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