geeks and guitars

If I start talking “guitar talk”, Jenny’s eyes glaze over.

It’s incredibly boring to hear me talk about guitars.

I don’t know a lot about guitars.

Maybe that’s what makes it boring.

That’s what these two are doing….talking about guitars.

They’re talking about putting an “affordable” combo together that someone could play in a small club with.

Affordable is just a little over 600 dollars “American”.

Of course, that’s new equipment.

You could scrub together something old and weird for a lot less….but it probably wouldn’t sound as good.

“Sound as good”…..maybe that’s the thing about this video that really hit me.

You can buy budget equipment….but if you really know how to play you’re going to sound a whole lot better than I would if I had a shiny new Paul Reed Smith guitar and a decent Mesa Boogie amp.

That’s just the way it is.

If you can play, what you play on might not matter as much.

I guess that “the ‘clothes’ don’t make the man” applies in a lot of places.

It’s fun to shop for guitars….even if it’s only always “window shopping”.

Who has time for that these days?

I’ve got priorities, you know?!




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