I used to think that a job at a music store would be kind of cool.

I’d rather work at a factory again.

At least there, you’d know there was a reason for the noise

I went to the new Guitar Center in Asheville yesterday….and I guess it was kind of cool to see all the guitars and stuff.

I guess.

Nate liked the light show in the sound reinforcement section of the store.

It’s hard to play “Twister” when the colored lights move that fast.

It’s just so obnoxious in there….

Kids playing really loudly and really badly….drummers sort of keeping time with some sort of bizarre personal internal metronome….keyboardists noodling away….”Heart and Soul” with a steel drum patch….all sorts of weird sounds.

All the dudes trying to impress their girlfriends….making weird comments….

But….all that being said about the weird environment….it really was kind of cool to see all the guitars and other gear.

But if I had to work there, I think that I’d have to wear earplugs…and I don’t think that would send a message that would help sell product.

It’s bad enough when I noodle around on the guitar when my family is trying to watch TV.

That’s probably plenty obnoxious.

Imagine a big room of guys noodling at the same time.


I’ll go back, though.

Where else can you see all those guitars in one place?

My house?

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