I’m a Tagalong

My friend John mentioned going to see this guy a while back.

Glenn Phillips….from Atlanta….been there forever.

I remember seeing him play somewhere in downtown Atlanta….and that Anne Richmond Boston of the Swimming Pool Q’s played on the same bill with him.

This would have been about the era we would have gone to see him….in the 80’s.

I don’t remember ever dressing like that, though.

I don’t remember wearing little blue shorts.

(Who am I kidding? That’s what I ran in….little blue shorts….)

When John mentioned this show, I realized that most of the fun things I’ve done in my life….or, at least, a lot of the fun things that I’ve done, have been at the prompting of my friends.

Man….it would have been pretty boring if I didn’t have interesting friends.

I guess that sometimes I’m A TAGALONG.

That’s OK.

Whatever works.

Maybe I should grow my hair out like Glenn’s hair?

That’s about what my hair-line looks like now.

Too many male hormones, I guess.

Too much muy macho to keep the hair on top of my head.

Here’s a more recent performance.

I think you’ll see that even 30 years later, Glenn Phillips has stayed pretty true to his vision.

His hair stayed the same, too.

Glenn Phillip’s website

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