My Coffee…..and Ben Sollee

A friend at work said, “I always wake up before I have my coffee.”

He was kidding around with me.

I told him that it was a smart sequence of events.

It would make for a wet set of blankets if you tried to do it the other way around.

I don’t know, though.

I get up quite a long time before I have my coffee….but I still think that I “wake up” after a cup or two.



I haven’t made my coffee yet.

There’s something kind of scary about going downstairs and putting on the teakettle.

It makes a little bit of noise….and a “little bit of noise” might wake up “you know who”…and if I wake up “you know who”, then….”you know what” might happen.

I don’t want to deal with the “you know what” this morning…not yet, at least.

I’d rather be blurry and quiet for a while.

And besides, I’d be like an addict if I thought that I needed the crutch of caffeine to make it through a morning…even if I really did need the crutch of caffeine to make it through the morning.

I’d be like a more self-aware addict if I admitted that, at least.

I have no secrets like that that I’d want to reveal this morning.

But… about that Ben Sollee?!

There are performers….entertainers….and then there are artists.

I think that Ben is an artist.

I’ve written about him before…..and to do it too often is kind of creepy….but I really enjoy his music.

There’s something very cool about a good vocalist with a cello…..very cool.

How many of those….a cello playing vocalist…. do you see these days?

Not many… that I can remember.

Here’s another one by Ben….I need to go cook some coffee.


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