that porch

Of course, it would go a lot faster with this porch than with the porch over at the new place.

It’s a smaller porch that these over-caffeinated guys are slamming through.

You can make fast work of a small porch.

It’s when you get into the medium size porches that you really get bogged down.

They take a little longer to build back up than these little porches.

Aw…..who am I kidding?

You don’t rebuild a porch and have something nice and new attached to the old structure.P1010331

You don’t put the silk purse where the sow’s ear used to be….it’s just not good for the pig to show off what “could be” while he’s still got another ear on his head to compare the new to.

That’s the best excuse.

If you can’t make it all nice right away….then don’t make any of it nice at all.

It’s all an excuse.

I could rip into something over there and get something done if I really wanted to.

You know, I could do that if it didn’t get so darn dark so early now.

If the sun would coƶperate with me, I’d be a ball of fire….swinging a hammer or pulling a nail….I’d be a reconstructing fury if the weather….no, the sun….would just coƶperate.

I’d “get r’ done”.

(I should trademark that phrase…..”get r’ done”. That’s kind of a cool thing to say….”get r’ done”….”get her done”….”gitterdone”. I’ll work on that one….no sense releasing it to the public until it’s perfected….)

I better get something done sometime quick, though.

You don’t make payments and continue to feel good about it if you don’t see any benefit to giving all that money to the bank.

You have “got to get” in order to feel that the world is alright.

Maybe my friend’s father was right….”do something….even if it’s wrong” was good advice.

Do something….even if all it does is give you a false sense of accomplishment.

Maybe I’ll buy a new broom.

Maybe I could fool myself with a new broom?

Or maybe I could cut down another tree?

That feels like progress, somehow.

Or….maybe I could sit in my dry house and watch another YouTube video about how to do something.

“If you’re failing to plan….you’re planning to fail”.

How long can you plan….and get away with “just planning”?

I better plan to tear something up soon…or it’s going to drive me…..somewhere.

That darn porch.

Darn porch.

“front porch” Pat Metheny/Bill Frisell/Marc Johnson


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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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