perspective perch


My friend John is a good friend.

His comment to me….on Facebook….about my post yesterday was, “I think completing a really nice porch to sit on and sip lemonade as you contemplate (plan) what to build on to it would be a nice Spring project”.



Maybe that’s the secret. Even if it wasn’t the “perfect step” in working on that house, it would give me a nice place to contemplate all of the other things that I need to do to it?

I worry about stuff too much….need to just get on with it, and if the only thing driving me is the expectation of a nice place to sit and drink lemonade, well….that would be enough.

That’s pretty motivational….thinking about a nice Spring day, sipping lemonade….maybe even covered in sawdust as I take a break from all the other projects?

We had a couple of nice warm days here….I could see how much easier a warm day is than a brutally cold day. That didn’t take any creativity to come to an obvious conclusion.

Here’s to warm days and easy decisions.

And….even though President Obama had a State of the Union address last night, I got to spend some time with Jenny, so I missed it.

What did I miss?

I’ll bet I had a nicer evening than most of the folks who watched the show.

The “show”….that’s about all it ever is.

I need to go make some coffee.

That’s a good plan, John….sit….drink some lemonade, let the warm breeze blow gently across me…..plan….and don’t even turn on the TV….no matter what leader is getting ready to tell me something.

I like that plan.

“you can make it if you try” Sly and the Family Stone”

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