David Wilcox….the movie

OK….check this out….A MOVIE!

How about that?

This should be kind of interesting.

I first heard David Wilcox in a friend’s house in Weaverville.

What a revelation that first album was….years before the release of theĀ first A&M album.

Just a worn out cassette…playing on a little boombox.

If the music is good, it doesn’t matter how you first hear it.

And, you know, if the music is good it’s going to find somebody to listen to it….even if it’s only some birds in a canyon.

I’ll look forward to seeing this David Wilcox documentary.



David Wilcox….the movie — 2 Comments

  1. We will be presenting the world premiere of Eye of the Hurricane at the DC Independent FIlm Festival (DCIFF) on March 1, 2015 with Davis Wilcox attending and playing. Spread the world!!