something bigger is going on

I stole this from my Facebook page this morning.

I don’t know if there is a Thai equivalent to our Super Bowl.

I kind of doubt it.

What a sad thing that they don’t have a venue where they can spend millions of dollars to have millions of people watch this beautiful, quiet message.

( For me to say “sad thing” in a hopefully conveyed “tongue-in-cheek” way doesn’t really fit with the sincerity of this message. I guess that I can’t stop being a smarty pants…)

That question, though…..”what does he get?….” ….what does he get.

I guess that everything we do has a “get” at the end of it.

There’s something to be had for every action….there’s some kind of end result for everything that we do.

It’s so quiet sometimes, though.

It’s not grand and exciting.

It’s boring….mundane….routine….sometimes.

I haven’t figured out kindness yet.

I think that I’m getting a handle on “crotchety”….but kindness still kind of eludes me.

It’s that “George Bailey” thing…all the time….hoping that something boring and unexciting is going to have some kind of impact other than just being….boring and unexciting.

Hoping that some angel in an old hat isn’t going to find me at the end and say, “Wow. See, Peter….see? See how boring the time you spent with your loved ones was for everyone around you? Why did you watch so many videos? What did you need with so many trips to the pawn shop? You didn’t need another guitar….why’d you waste everyone’s time like that? What’s wrong with you?”

And then….instead of finding some of ZuZu’s petals I wake up and find some crunched up old Cheetos in my jacket pocket.

That would be kind of cruel for an angel to think that he needed to show me that.

Maybe it would be a kindness if it made me “wake up”?

I don’t know…..

That’s not pertinent, anyway.


I suppose that sometimes it’s better to just say, “I really liked this video!” and stop at that.

Will I? “Stop at that”? Probably not.

There is something bigger going on sometimes than just a bunch of unrelated small kindnesses.

That ripple effect…..a smile that travels….a kind thought that gets carried out into a kind action….and spreads…’s all so quietly powerful.

That’s a good thing.

That’s good news for modern man.

And….I really liked this Thai commercial.

Enuff said.

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