Buddy Holly died yesterday….. back in 1959.

If I didn’t have a popup to remind me of that, I wouldn’t have remembered.

I learned that Kendall (Kylie? What the heck….Bruce?) Jenner wore a blonde wig to a photo shoot….and that Amber Heard was going to marry Jack Sparrow….and that Buddy Holly died a long time ago.

The internet helps me keep up with the news.

He was so young when he became popular….and so young when he died.

Before autotune….before ProTools….before MTV….before the internet….Buddy Holly came out of a small Texas town and became a star.

And….he died a bunch of years ago…. yesterday.

But he really did live, didn’t he?

Buddy Holly (September 7, 1936 – February 3, 1959)

“American Pie” Don McLean

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