my motor doesn’t blow seals

My motor doesn’t blow seals.

Yesterday’s post was titled “I’m the Motor”.

It was about bicycles.

Today, I am going to drive a mail jeep that blows white smoke and keeps the tailgaters off my rear end….if they don’t want to be covered with oily residue.

So….my “motor” doesn’t blow seals.

Jenny might disagree.

My car’s transmission….on the other hand….does blow seals.

It blows seals that let transmission fluid drip down onto the hot exhaust.

That makes a bunch of white smoke.


It’s going to be an embarrassing day….driving around in a cloud of smoke.

So….because there are a couple of other problems with the transmission already…before the blown seal happened….I’m going to go buy a used transmission this morning…and the shop is going to install it in the next couple of days.

I never blow white smoke when I’m pedaling my bike.

No gas that I know of comes out of me while I’m riding my bike.

My bike doesn’t cost much money to operate or repair.

Too bad I can’t deliver mail on a bike.

I don’t know how I’d do that, though.

I’d need a big trailer or something.

Anyway….my Jeep is my main “tool” for dragging all that mail around….so I better get it fixed.

Back to the bicycle thoughts.

Jenny said that she’d probably be more prone to enjoying touring out West….and I guess that I’d have to agree.

People don’t know how to act around a bicyclist around here….or around a pedestrian even.

It might be a horror show to ride around some of the kooks behind a wheel out this direction.

People do it, though….maybe I’m just looking for excuses.

It would be weird to ride with kids with all the cars and curves around here.


Check out this guy….cycling around Australia.

I don’t see any white smoke anywhere.


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