riding the fatty

Another bicycling video.

Check out the tires on this bike….pretty HUGE!!

Those are some huge tires on that bike…for sure.

I don’t know what this guys situation is….that he can travel for a couple of years like this….but it looks appealing.

Of course, my interest in all of these bicycle touring videos raises some important questions.

Jenny asked me if I was thinking about bicycle touring.

When I told her “sure!!” she said “not by yourself, right?”

No….not by myself.

That’s a real trick….to figure out how to do this with a big family….but I’ll bet that… somehow…it’s doable.

Besides….if I took off on my bike, by myself, cruising around slowly somewhere out in the world, I suspect that I’d be easy to catch up to.

You can’t hide on a fully loaded, slow-moving bicycle.

No worries, Jenny….I’m here…for good….WITH YOU!!!

( I flatter myself….I hope that’s a good thing that I keep sticking around….)

All these videos are pretty interesting to me….all these stories of people trying out something a little bit different….or a lot different….from the normal experience.

“Normal”….whatever that means.

You can find out a bit more about this guy, Mike Potter, at his website….. RelaxedChaos.com

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