all these bikes

All these bikes….

Here’s another documentary about people riding….or fixing….or enjoying bikes.

This one is in two parts….about a bike shop.

Did you ever notice how great bike shops SMELL? It must be the TriFlow or something.

They smell great.

Today’s my sister’s birthday.

We used to ride bikes a lot….before we knew we were supposed to wear helmets all the time.

Did you ever think that helmets are just a reminder of all the horrible things that can happen to us when we’re riding a bike?

I never thought about stuff like that before I started wearing a helmet.

That doesn’t sound like something that has anything to do with my sister’s birthday, though.

This is my “little” sister I’m talking about.

She’s three years younger than me….so no matter how mature she gets, she’s always going to be my little sister.

Funny how that works.

Now….here’s another thing that doesn’t have anything to do with my sister’s birthday…..

Ask me how often I take my bike out for a ride.

Ask me.

I’d tell you…..”just about never.”

But….I want to.

I got my Jeep back last night… used transmission….throwing some codes that it wasn’t throwing before….shifting OK.

A bike would be simpler….cheaper.

I need to go into a bike shop soon and just smell the good smell soon.

Happy birthday to my sister!!

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