the safety of children

I watched these guys pushing their mountain bikes through deep streams…..skirting bubbling cauldrons of steaming, hot mud….and thought, “Wow.”

I thought, “Wow….look at that!!! LOOK AT THAT HOT MUD!!!”

I thought that it might be pretty cool to do something like that.

Then….I thought, “Man….it’d be hard to do something like that with little kids.”

You can’t really do a lot of terribly challenging and dangerous things with your children along.

Not really dangerous…..a kid needs adventure….adventure is good for everybody….but you can’t drag them into dangerous situations all the time.

That’s when I realized that it’s kind of nice to have little guys in the house again.

They keep us out of trouble.

They keep us out of the fields of hot, bubbling mud.

What a great excuse.

Of course….I didn’t do anything all that interesting before we had our children.

I guess that I didn’t need children to have an excuse to avoid dangerous or challenging things.

I seem to remember watching a lot of shows about other people doing interesting things.

That’s pretty lame.

But now┬áI have these little guys for an excuse…..or, maybe, a new motivator.

I have a trailer hitch for the minivan coming in the next couple of days….and after I figure out how to install it, I’m going to buy a bike carrier that can handle a bunch of bikes….and, then…..

And then maybe we’ll be able to transport the bikes to a safe place to ride.

Either that or we can just ride around town with a bunch of bikes strapped to the minivan.

Our children aren’t an excuse for avoiding adventure.

I think they’re kind of a “wake-up call”….something saying, “HEY!!! YOU’RE GOING TO RUN OUT OF TIME!!! YOU BETTER GET TO THE BOILING MUD FIELDS SOON…OR YOU’RE GOING TO MISS SOMETHING!”

I hope I can figure out how to install that trailer hitch.


Check these guys out….you don’t have to take a boat to get here….and they speak a language I can understand…..

No fields of boiling mud, though…

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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