Asheville Recyclery

Here’s a place up in Asheville that I’ve driven by for years and never had the chance to go into.

Never went in.


But….it looks as cool as I expected it looked inside.

I don’t need another bike….but this is a cool thing that these folks are doing….fixing up bikes that might go to the landfill….making sure that they don’t just die in somebody’s garage….fixing….repairing….making whole again….getting bikes into the hands of folks who might have a hard time buying an expensive one “brand new”…..getting bikes into the hands of folks who might find more pleasure in rescuing something good that isn’t as “shiny” anymore.


We have the bins to fill with cans and bottles….that part makes sense….turn in your waste paper to be recycled….but we don’t talk as much about keeping the bicycles on the road….keeping the cars going….fixing up the old houses before they rot into the ground.

That makes good environmental sense.

That makes good economic sense.

I’m going to have to go into this place sometime soon….maybe stop in at the French Broad Co-op when I’m done looking at the bikes.

The Asheville Recyclery…. a pretty cool operation.



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