I have a good friend who is Dutch.

Or….maybe she’s Danish.

One would make sense to mention for this article….the other wouldn’t.

No….I’m sure her family is from the Netherlands….which would make her Dutch.

There’s a difference between Dutch and Danish….look it up.

I had to.

Look at all these people cycling in the Netherlands!!

This is one of the most amazing and hopeful things I’ve seen….transportation wise….in a long time.

That would be insanely great to be able to cycle around without worrying about a monster truck with a rebel flag flattening you as you rode to the corner store.

Check out the bicycle parking everywhere….and the channels in all the stairs to push your bike up….and the bike paths….and all the people shopping on their bikes….and…..

And….this is all so cool.

I watched this and wondered if bicycle usage per capita wasn’t a good indicator of how refined and progressive a country is?

This looked like a country where I wouldn’t have to fear for my children’s lives if I sent them out on a bicycle.

Maybe I’m wrong….but it looks “safer” somehow.

It looks like somebody rounding a sharp turn in a jacked up, making payments, big wheeled, camo painted, oversized and over powered MONSTER TRUCK might be used to all the bikes in the world….and wouldn’t squash us when they got distracted taking another pull off a two liter bottle of Mtn. Dew.

They probably don’t have any rebel flag waving MONSTER TRUCKS in the Netherlands.

I’m a broken record if I say….once again…that this looks totally cool and appealing to me.


How cool is that? All these bicycles?

Pretty darn cool, I’d say.

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