give me the good stuff….more, more, more….gas

That’s where the zombies in the movie “I am Legend” come from…..a good idea gone wrong.

Who wouldn’t want to cure cancer?

I would.

But….I don’t want a bunch of zombies chasing me down the street….even if they’re cancer-free zombies.

Zombies are pretty darn creepy…..scary.

So….how about that fracking?

That’s a good idea, too….right?

Drill some deep holes……shoot it off in another direction deep in the earth…..and then pump enough water and goo down the hole to fracture all the earth that’s around the deep, deep hole you drilled.


What could go wrong?

And….if it did go wrong, what’s the worst that could happen? Water problems? Or…..maybe….


We need the gas…..we need the gas…..we need the gas!!!

If we get the gas, we’re OK for a while.

We can drive all over the place.

We can drive all over the place delivering the gas we produce.

It takes money to make money, right?

We need gas….it’s what we use to get around….unless we ride a bicycle….but you can’t ride a bicycle as fast as you can ride a car.

“Fracturing”…..that sounds harmless…..deep, deep in the ground….tear it up….open up the channels with some poison goo.

I don’t know the science….maybe drilling deep holes and fracturing all the earth around them…deep, deep down in the ground….would never cause any instabilities.

Maybe it’s just hype mongering to say that it might cause earthquakes.

Besides….what are you going to be doing up in North Dakota, anyway?


You make better money drilling the big holes.

Some big wig money bags is sitting in an interview somewhere saying, in response to the question about solving our energy worries and whether fracking has solved the problem…..what was I saying? That was a long sentence….what was I saying?

Oh…..big wig saying something like, “Well…..yes. Yes….I suppose that we have solved the problem…”

Just like Emma Thompson before she accidentally created all the zombies.

Just like Emma Thompson.


Here’s a link to the outfit that REI is using to help the people of Nepal.

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