safe on a bike

Here’s another video about biking in the Netherlands.

Mannnnn…..the Dutch rock.

Now, of course, the Norwegians are still the coolest people….that’s not to be disputed.

But….look at these Dutch people go on their bikes!

Look at how they set their country up for biking!!

Look at their response to the problems that the use of cars produced!!!

We’re going to go down to what is called the “Swamp Rabbit Trail” today for a maiden family bike trip.

The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a converted railroad route that goes from Traveler’s Rest, SC to Greenville.

Here’s a short wiki article about the trail…..

It’s not quite like being in the Netherlands….but it will be nice to be on a trail that’s designed to handle bike riders and pedestrians.

It should be interesting to see how the little guys handle it all, too….Nate on his tagalong bike…..hooked to my bike….and Sparrow in her little Burley trailer….hooked to Jenny’s bike.

A short trip on the Rabbit Trail is a little less daunting than a cross-country tour.

When I watch videos like this one of a country like the Netherlands that’s set up to respect their cyclists…..and then I read about how much of a positive impact the Swamp Rabbit Trail has had on the Greenville area, it makes me wonder how long it’s going to take for people to wake up and make it easier across the board for bicyclists to get around in this area.

I suppose that it’s easier to get in the SUV and head out for another Big Mac than it is to build a bike trail ….or ride a bike on an existing trail.

Anyway….what am I doing about the situation?


I’m not building a bike trail….I’d get in trouble if I started tearing up the tracks.

But wouldn’t it be cool to have a converted railroad track trail system running from Hendersonville up to Asheville?

And….why stop there?

Why not have one going all the way up the Eastern side of the country?

And….why don’t we let all the pigs FLY!!!!

Pigs flying? How about a snowball in HELL?!!

How about a snowball?

I’ve heard people say that the railroad isn’t going to have a chance to come back if we tear up the tracks.

I’ve heard people say that the railroad is going to be the only┬ástrong response when everything hits the fan when society falls apart.

I’ve heard people say some wacky things.

I like the idea of a safe bike path….there’s something appealing about not getting hit by a speeding hunk of metal while I ride my bike.

Something appealing about that…..

Apparently, there’s a pretty extensive trail system up in Minnesota….hundreds of miles of paved trail…..over a thousand miles of dirt or gravel trail.

What makes Minnesota so different than North Carolina?

This Netherlands thing fascinates me….look at all the bicycles!!




That looks like a good thing…..all those bicylists look like they picked a smart way to get around.

I like that.


Awwwww…..what the heck? I should stop wussing out and just get out on the road with the kooks in cars….and take my chances.

Who needs safety, anyway?



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