Netherlands….and biking….again

Here’s another video about the Netherlands….and how it is to be a bicycle user there.

We rode on the Swamp Rabbit Trail down in South Carolina yesterday…..took the kids with their carts and tagalong bikes and snacks and….

There’s a lot more planning that goes into including people on an expedition who can’t take care of themselves.

I suppose that’s what the people who included me in some of the fun might have sometimes felt?

I think it’s a lot of fun to take these little guys out for a ride.

They had a blast….and so did we.

If you don’t know about the Rabbit Trail, it’s a trail that runs from downtown Greenville up to a town called Travelers Rest.

Look it up….it’s pretty cool….pretty safe.

Staples is having a sale on Dymo Label Makers.

Our’s broke….sortof….it only prints the top of the label.

I could buy another big hunk of plastic for under ten dollars at Staples right now….and just throw out the old one that “sort of works”

We watched a documentary about the giant islands of floating plastic out in the ocean.

I knew about that already….but it never hurts to be reminded of how the world is falling apart.

(I’m kidding….it hurts.)

We throw away a lot of plastic ….all the time.

Plastic stuff is cheap….why not just throw it away when it breaks?

Anyway, it hit me this morning that it should be a criminal offense to make something out of plastic that’s not going to last.

It should be something that manufacturers are accountable for.

If you’re going to make something out of plastic….make it out of something that never goes away….you should be planning to make something that lasts as close to forever as you can get.

I guess that kind of attitude would probably put places like the dollar stores out of business.

That doesn’t have much to do with places like the Rabbit Trail….except that it’s out in the world….and the world is filling up…..with people and plastic….and it’d be nice if we could continue on for a while….it’d be nice if things were good.

I don’t want to have to wade through an island of plastic.

And….while we’re on the subject of islands of trash….

I’m still cleaning out that old barn…..last corner I cleaned out had about a ton of moldy old clothes.

That’s pretty darn gross.

The thing that’s really gross about it is that when I got it cleaned out I could finally see that the floor in that corner was completely rotted out…..and, with the help of a flashlight that only shone on fabric and black mold before, now I could see that the plate (the bottom board….underneath the studs….the sill? I can’t remember what it’s called) was completely rotted out.

That’s bad.

Lots of years of moisture and piled up leaves isn’t good for wood.

Anyway…..the Netherlands looks good to me.

I wouldn’t mind being able to ride my bicycle everywhere.

And, if I rode my bike to the store, I’d bring my own bag.

Freaking plastic island.

Freaking rotten barn.


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