subliminal totem

P1050835Oh, man…..I’ve got a good costume going.

Scruffy and unkempt….worn in and comfortable.



Nah….I’m a grownup….with all the tics and worries of the average mature man.

And….I clean up real nice.

These PF Flyers are just about right, though….just damaged and dirty enough to suit my needs….and looking at them, I realize they remind me of so much without it all really coming to the forefront of my consciousness.

They are part of my subliminal totem….something that lets me hold on to something important somewhere in my past.

I wonder how much rubber I left on the road….wearing PF Flyers as a kid?

Probably enough to build a couple of tractor tires.

Wearing these is kind of like eating red licorice….just something that still feels right after all these years.

(Of course, Jenny told me that the red dye in the licorice causes cancer….so I do try and dramatically limit my intake….but it’s fun food and I’m hooked and sooner or later, I’m going to want to eat some. At least I never smoked….)

We went down to the river yesterday….Jenny’s good idea….and the kids played while I took pictures…


There’s something mighty fine about playing in the water on a warmish day.

It’s funny how much fun you can have in a river that most days is just something you have to use the bridge to get over.






It’s funny how much water a cloth diaper can soak up, too.

I guess that’s what they’re designed to do…so it shouldn’t be something surprising¬†that they can hold more than their weight in river water.


It looks like these are pretty saturated.


Soaked with a different fluid, this time.




It’s time to make some cinnamon rolls before we head down to ride our bikes on the Swamp Rabbit Trail.

It should be a pretty nice day….eating some cinnamon rolls, wearing my PF Flyers,¬†going down South to ride my bike…..

and hanging out with my family.

That’s a recipe for a pretty good day, I’d say.








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