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If I was able to do anything like this, the last thing that I would want around me would be a newscaster like Lara Logan asking me questions like, “So….if you fail….you could die? There would be no saving you….it would be certain death, right? You would die, right?”

That would suck.

Of course, I can’t do anything like this.

I can’t even jump around at the top of the rock after finishing the death-defying feat.

I’m too afraid of heights.

My fear of heights is not a very well disguised trait, either.

I don’t even like to get up on my roof to clean the chimney.

I don’t enjoy that….but I do it anyway.

What a hero.

When I was working at camps….and “teaching climbing” (teaching a bunch of kids how to tie a bowline knot, really)….I climbed some…but there was a lot of discomfort to push back and through.

I wouldn’t “get high” for enjoyment, that’s for sure.

I can’t even watch my children run around at the top of the rock….it freaks me out.

I enjoy this guy….laid back and mellow….living in a good van.

It’s refreshing to see an athlete who carries himself with this kind of humility.

Maybe it would have to be in a sport like climbing….where the majority of America has no idea what these guys are doing…..or how they’re doing it.

What this guy is doing is HUGE.

And most people don’t even know who he is.

Maybe that’s what lets him sleep in his van….nobody knows enough to ask him for his autograph….nobody “bugs” him.

Awwww….I may be wrong, but he seems like a good character.

Good for you, Alex Honnald.

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  1. I lived in Denver for two years in the 70’s. In the summer every weekend it seemed a climber fell to his death. No one with kids, or a future plan should take up mountain climbing.