the caravan

This is a long video of a family’s bike trip through a part of Michigan.

Check out the set-up they have going…..tagalong with a Burley trailer mounted to the tagalong.

Holy Smokes!! I never would have thought of that.

But….it shows that, at least for these people, it’s possible to bicycle tour with little kids.

They can do it.

Maybe we can, too?

That’s a big part of the “battle”…figuring out how to get beyond what you’re used to….and move towards what’s “possible”.

I suppose that a big part of the success of something like this is how well you can plan it all out….but sometimes, you can get so mired in the planning and the gear accumulation and getting all your ducks in a row that you never actually get out and, like the commercial says, just do it.

“Just do it”….so corny….but….true.

I had a surfboard hanging on my wall that I never got took the chance to dip into the ocean.

I could plan all I wanted….dream about what it might feel like to ride a wave….bob in the ocean….but I never took it out….never got it wet.

That was pretty lame.

I guess that I wasn’t really a poseur….more of a “want to be” (which, maybe, is just one step up from being a “wannabe”.)

That surfboard was never anything more than a big wall decoration.

I sold the surfboard when we got married.

Bike touring….like these families are doing …. looks like something we could possibly figure out.

That’s a good thing about some of these YouTube videos….they let me see how other families are doing some of these things.

Here’s another interesting option for touring….a CARGO BIKE!!

cargo-bikeThat looks like it might get uncomfortable for the little guys.

Maybe we better stick with the tagalong.

Heck….by the time I get it all together, these little guys will probably be needing their own full-size Surley bike.

I better hurry up and figure this all out.

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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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