rushing to the sea

Jenny took the kids down to the river to play yesterday afternoon….but we’d had some hard rain the night before, and the water was too strong.

It was rushing to the sea too hard for playing.

The rain was a big topic of conversation when I got to work.

Apparently, we had about 2 to 4 inches (of rain) in a matter of either hours or minutes, depending on who was talking about the weather.

I hear different things depending on who’s doing the talking.

You never know what people are going to say.

I know that the drive into work was a little different yesterday.

There were a lot of driveways that used to be up on the hill that were now down in the road.

It makes for a bumpy ride when the smooth asphalt is covered with red dirt and gravel.

Water is strong stuff…stronger than me, even.

It can move a mountain.

Of course, given enough time and a good shovel and a wheelbarrow with a pumped up tire, I could move a mountain, too.

I have no doubt that, like most of the “pointless in the end” activities that I engage in, I could move a mountain given a little bit of lifelong dedication and a couple of good tools.

I don’t want that to be my life’s work, though.

I have bigger fish to fry than worrying about moving a mountain somewhere.

But….again….I digress.

The water was moving too fast under and around the bridge for little people to play.


This is a picture of the bridge in calmer currents.

I suppose that the water was up to the smooth concrete….or maybe a little beyond after all the rain yesterday.

Sometimes, the whole bridge gets covered with water and the road floods.

We have to find a different way out when that happens.

Compared to what I see in other places, though, we’ve always been pretty lucky.

Some places in our country¬†are bone dry…..empty lakes and new water restrictions.

Some places, cars get washed away.

Our driveways move to a different part of the road.

That’s not so bad.

It rained so hard the satellite tv stopped working.

How much worse can it get?



” i think it’s going to rain today” Norah Jones




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