my safe magazine

Holy Smokes.

It’s early here.

I get up early….maybe because I help Nate go to sleep at eight….and when I wake up in his bed (after falling asleep with him again) and make my quiet exit from his room, it’s usually time for me to go to sleep, too.

It’s strange to wake up to go to sleep.

But….maybe that’s why I get up so early.

It’s hard to say.

When I got up this morning, I noticed a magazine that I get laying on the kitchen table.

It’s a fairly good computer magazine that I get for free and rarely have time to read or even look at.

For the protection of the magazine….so that it doesn’t get wrinkled during mailing and so that they don’t have to stick a mailing label directly on the magazine….it comes in a plastic bag.

A protective plastic sheath.


Here’s a movie that I’ve watched a couple of times…..

and this stupid magazine comes wrapped in plastic.

That’s a bummer.

plastic paradise poster

I felt better about things before I knew I should feel bad.

And the trouble with getting a magazine that’s wrapped in plastic….that I hardly ever read….is that it just reminds me of all the other magazines that I get because I figured out how to get cheap subscriptions ( cheap subscriptions? check this out….. …..dang….that has nothing to do with plastic floating in the ocean…..)….that also come wrapped in plastic.

All these precious magazines that come to the house because….little by little….I let them invade our life…..BECAUSE THEY WERE CHEAP!!!




This “plastic thing” is a real problem.

I should type out a letter to someone who could do something….on my plastic computer keyboard.

Or maybe I should call somebody… on my plastic phone.

Maybe I’ll just sit and think about what to do about this plastic problem?

Sit and think about it….in my plastic chair.

What the heck….everything is plastic!

It’s too cheap….and too easy to produce….not to be everywhere.

Too bad that so much of it isn’t something that has any value.

I heard some guys talking on the radio about the problem of plastic….and one of the things that they mentioned….well, actually, they mentioned a couple of things that really piqued my intererest….was how many plastic drinking straws are disposed of….plastic straws that never get recycled (how would you even do that? Could you?)….and then….they talked about how many balloons are just floating around ….screwing up the environment.

Who pays attention to balloons?

Balloons are FUN!!!

It turns out, those “fun” party balloons are deadly.

( My party invitations are going to drop off the cliff after that cheery revelation.)

Unless you figure out how to have any positive effect on your own personal impact on the world, all this new information is just going to depress you.

Depress you with a continual sense of powerlessness.

That’s a drag.

This documentary streams on Netflix.

I guess you should watch it.

It’s a good one….but kind of depressing if you really take any of it to heart.


Freaking plastic.

What the heck am I going to do about all this plastic?

Probably nothing.

Just worry about it.

Just worry.


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I'm a non-practicing artist, a mailman, a husband, a father...not listed in order of importance. I believe that things can always get better....and that things are usually better than we think.

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